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5  Two Knock Out™ Rose bushes at my home that bloomed all spring, summer and fall.

6   Memorial planting Garvin municipal park Joplin MO

Memorial planting Garvin municipal park Joplin Missouri. These Knock Out™ roses performance has been excellent over the last 2 years. We also planted 3 Lace Bark elms about 90 feet from the roses, they should last for 100's of years.

8  These are Knock Out™ Red and Carefree Sunshine Yellow seedling cross of Knock Out™ Rose taken in September 2002 at the Missouri University research farm near Columbia. It was very hot, but both varieties looked great - no spray. Carefree Sunshine is going to be a good yellow.

9  Newly planted pink Knock Out™ roses. This hedge planting is staggered on 24" centers.  The next 8 pictures were taken at the Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis Missouri, one of the premier botanical gardens in the United States.

10  Pages 10 - 16 show Knock Out™ rose hedge on about 24" staggered centers.







17  This picture taken at the Will Rogers Arboretum in Oklahoma City. I have been following these Knock Out™ Roses for the last three years. They are almost always in bloom when most of the other roses look sick. If they produce in OK City they should produce anywhere. Their first planting was near a lake but the beaver kept eating them so they were moved to this location. This picture was taken in the very early spring. Knock Out™ was the first rose to bloom. They are also recommended for Texas and as far north as St. Paul MN. They are doing great at my daughters house in Ft. Lauderdale FL.

18  A customer brought this in to show us. He wants to hurry up and get the new yellow and pink ones. So do we.

19  This Knock Out™ Rose bloomed all winter in our propagation house where it was a foggy area that was misted all winter. It should have gotten diseased but did not. We purposely abused this rose and were amazed how well it did, also it bloomed all winter.

20  Rose in a 15 gal. display pot at the Botany Shop.

21  Close-up of the above plant.

22  This is a memorial planting at a church in Joplin MO. Two years ago I would never considered planting roses for a long term memorial. For long lasting memorial plantings I still recommend long lived trees.

23  This rose planting was pretty all summer.

24  Close-up of the above.

25  The next 5 pictures were taken at the Oklahoma State University extension service center in Tulsa Oklahoma. They have an excellent demonstration garden with highly recommended plants surrounding the building. These Knock Outs are in a prominent location. You have to walk past them to enter the building.





30   The next 10 Pictures are of red and pink Knock Out™ roses, they make excellent cut flowers all spring, summer and fall.








39  Knock Out™ Rose in a quart container

40  Knock Out™ Rose in a 1 gallon container

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